Get to know your photographer

My name is Katy Uhey

I am a family photographer based in Virginia but I do travel upon request!

My love of photography began in 2008/2009, my senior year of high school. The feeling I had when my first photograph surfaced in the developing tray of the dark room still gives me a sense of wonder and personal satisfaction.

This feeling sparked my ambition to continuously create and develop compositions that give my clients the same sense of satisfaction and joy for years to come.

Some things about me, personally...

  • I will be 33 years old in March.
  • I am a Pagan Witch.
  • I am married and a mom to one.
  • I am LGBTQ+ friendly.
  • I am Pro-Choice and, honestly, PRO HUMAN RIGHTS.

Three words that best describe me…




My Specialty...

I have been capturing life’s moments for 7 years now but I have been studying photography for 12 and have had a camera in hand since I was a child.

I have the ability to deliver your prompted posed pictures while beautifully capturing the authentic, candid moments in between. My intuition of foreseeing things before they happen allows me to capture those brief, yet special moments that not everyone sees…

But I do.

Trust me to...
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...capture your family.

Family sessions have been my number one specialty since day one. Trust me to capture those moments that make your family unique and special.

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