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I am SO excited and just absolutely THRILLED with how this set came together and even more excited at the opportunity to offer this to you!

I wanted to go with a subtle Harry Potter theme and recreate the feeling of being in Ollivander's Wand Shop, surrounded by wand boxes overflowing into the aisles. So instead of wand boxes, we have books! School should be the overflowing need to obtain knowledge, from all sides.

I've incorporated the house colors and as my sister-in-law pointed out, I subconsciously used floral accents that resemble the Golden Snitch!


I. Dates & Times

August 19th & 20th

Times for BOTH days:


I will update the time slot image frequently and they will also be automatically updated on the booking page as slots are confirmed.

II. Cost & Session Info

Pricing is $100 total. $45 is due when booking your time slot and the remaining $55 is due FIVE days before your session.

Time slots are 20 minutes long for up to 3 children. If you have more than 3 children getting pictures done, you will need to book/pay an additional time slot.

Galleries will be delivered within 2 weeks. I know school will be starting shortly after these sessions so I will be working overtime to get galleries out BEFORE school starts! :)

I do not cap the amount of images you receive back; 20 is the minimum you will receive.

III. In Case of Inclement Weather

If the forecast in the days leading up to the session shows unfavorable weather, I have the following weekend (Aug. 26th & 27th) blocked off for reschedules!

I accept NO other reschedules. August 19th & 20th are the only days I am hosting these mini's. If you are interested in this set but are not available that weekend, I can do the set for you at my Custom Session Pricing which is $250.