Welcome to Betcher Bottom's 2023 Sweetheart Mini page!!

I am SOO excited for this year's set up! It is going to be so much more cozier than last year's as the set is under my newly invested canopy tent! I will also have a space heater or two going to keep it extra toasty!

So, have you been wanting some playful and intimate shots with you and your partner? Or thinking of doing something sexy for your sweethearts Valentines Day gift or just a gift to yourself?! THIS SET IS THE SET FOR YOU!!!

I intentionally built this set with the idea of including interactive things for couples or singles to pose with to create some, again, playful shots!


Dates: February 4th & 5th

Times for both dates: 10:00/10:30/11:30/2:30/3:00/3:30/4:00/4:30/6:00/6:30

Price: $100 total - $45 initial, non-refundable deposit due at booking and the remaining $55 is due 5 days before your session.

Your session length will be 20 minutes long with a 10 minute buffer in between each session in case clients are running late or I have to pee, lol.

As always, I do not cap the amount of edited images you will get back within 2 weeks. You will receive a minimum of 20+ images from your session.

As you can see from the time slots, I have opened up two times for when the sun goes down to give clients the option for a more moody type session!

The pictures below show you the difference in lighting/mood.

Set during daylight hours

Set after the sun goes down

I have a Pinterest board for Outfit and Posing ideas for my couple's and boudoir clients! For whatever reason, I am unable to have a direct link to the board on my website. But if you email me when you book that you would like the link or if you scroll to the bottom of my website, you can click my Pinterest social icon and find the board titled: "Sweetheart Mini - Outfit and Posing Ideas"