Introducing, Baby Girl Dowling - Delaware Wedding and Family Photographer

If you guys follow my Instagram stories, you know that I shared just how excited I was to meet Dana and Houston’s baby Sunday afternoon!

Dana texted me around 9:30pm on Saturday saying that her water broke and that they were on their way to Kent General in Dover. When I got ready for work the next morning, I texted her my excitement and that’s when I learned that after only 7 hours of labor and two pushes, Baby Dowling arrived at 4:42am on St. Patricks Day!

This is my second Fresh 48 session. I am beyond honored to be able to capture and be apart of these moments. My first Fresh 48 was when Katelyn had Freyja who is now a little over 1 year old! It just so surreal to meet them when they are born and to watch them grow up right in front of you! I can’t imagine what I’m going to be like when Max and I start having children! They are either going to be naturals in front of the camera or they are going to have NOTHING to do with it, hahah!

ANYWAY. Here’s more from Baby Girl Dowling’s session <3

Lily was more interested in the presents that the baby gave her. She got makeup, gold coins, stamps and a whole lot of other goodies!

I could NOT stop cooing and awing over the ADORABLE strawberry outfit! Just look at those little feet and the cute strawberry on the butt! <3 <3 <3

Houston’s mom came for a visit and brought MORE goodies for Lily!

The nana’s taking turns holding the newest addition to the family <3

Houston took a trip down to the cafeteria because Dana said she wanted chocolate. He came back with three different options for her! So sweet! <3

Lily patiently waited for her own bites of chocolate!