Delaware Wedding | Family Photographer - 2019 Business and Personal Goals

My main goal for this New Year is to invest more in myself as a business owner.

About two weeks ago, I sat down and made realistic goals for myself. I usually try to make goals but they are unrealistic and hard to attain because I put too much pressure on myself and expect things to happen overnight. BUT, this past year, I learned to stop being my own worst enemy and critic… well, I came to the realization that I am and have consciously worked on that!

2018 was a year of development for me. I learned a lot about myself and how to heal from the past and make it apart of my future.

So here are my BUSINESS goals!

  • Book a minimum of 5 weddings. I know this number may seem low but I am TRYING to set realistic goals for myself and since I do more than just weddings, I want to make sure I don’t put too much on myself. Now, 10 weddings would be AMAZING.. but we will see what the new year holds!

  • Book a MINIMUM of 15 mini sessions. I have a few mini session ideas planned for 2019! Including Valentine’s Day/Sweetheart sessions and Santa may even be making an appearance for Christmas mini’s!!!

  • Book a minimum of 10 various standard sessions. I am looking forward to the maternity sessions that are in the works and am hoping to see families from this past year THIS coming year!

  • Up my Pinterest monthly viewers to 2-3k. I’m currently at 1k which really surprised me but I have only been pinning recipes and inspiration for sessions. So this coming year, I will be pinning more of my OWN content!

  • Up my Instagram monthly viewers to 1k. I’m working really hard to rotate my hashtags and figure out the algorithm to up my viewers, especially in my area!

  • Take about 5-8 online workshops. I’m really excited about fellow creatives that are launching their own workshops in 2019. I have already signed up for Vanessa Hicks monthly webinars that start in late January, I believe! 

As far as personal goals…

  • Lose 20-25 pounds! I REALLY want to get in shape since I will be getting married in October. I want to get a gym membership and work in time for working out in my daily routine.

  • Read 6-8 new books. Whether they are business savvy or fun/interesting reads!

  • Build up our savings account. I LOVE giving gifts for birthdays and holidays but always struggle to scrape together any money when the time gets closer. Which brings me to my next personal goal…

  • More giving! Lookout ya’ll! I will be sending out birthday cards, anniversary cards, and Christmas cards!

  • Learn American Sign Language. This is something I have been wanting to learn for awhile now after meeting a customer at Starbucks that is deaf and teaches ASL. She is super sweet and I would love to be able to communicate with her and others in the deaf community!

  • Explore more! I need to get out of the house more and want to location scout. I’m also hoping for more traveling this year for weddings!

What are YOUR goals or resolutions for the New Year?