James & Danielle's Harry Potter Engagement Session

When I met with James and Danielle to discuss details of their wedding day and go over their contract, I became more and more excited at the opportunity to photograph a HARRY POTTER themed wedding! I just KNEW their engagement session had to reflect their love for Harry Potter as well!

They picked out Winterthur Museum, Garden and Library because the photographs online made it seem like Hogwarts. The large mansion, that is almost surreal to think someone ACTUALLY lived there at one point, looms into the sky much like Hogwarts would. I have never been here until now so I was even more excited to explore a new place!

There are NUMEROUS amounts of trails that intertwine and loop back and around the Mansion. Several gardens occupy the vast land which I am definitely going back to when all the flowers are in bloom! The Enchanted Forest is SO CUTE. It’s perfect for kids and kids at heart! There’s toadstools, a fairy cottage, a giant nest and so many other amazing interactive things!

To the left: Outside of the Fairy Cottage.

Up top: YA’LL. THEY HAVE THEIR OWN WANDS! And they are beautifully crafted ones too! The fireplace inside the cottage seemed like a perfect setting for their Harry Potter themed shoot!

The giant nest! James and I are collaborating on photoshopping Buckbeack in the nest! Wouldn’t that be something?!

We came upon an open area with a lone tree that we all felt resembled the Whomping Willow Tree! So, OF COURSE we had to stop for some photographs!

Our walk towards the mansion through the wooded areas and gardens gave way to beautifully bricked walls and patios.

We also came upon a Gothic Castle structure that gave you a birds eye view of the grounds.

Back to the woods we go….

We eventually came upon the grounds surrounding the mansion and MAN, it’s just beautiful. The architecture is stunning and the landscaping is what you see on Pinterest!

Just LOVING their house scarves!

You guys, I didn’t tell you! Danielle had Golden Snitch EARRINGS!!

That’s all from this spectacular Harry Potter themed engagement session at WInterthur. I’ll definitely be back to visit this place! I cannot wait for James and Danielle’s wedding day in October. All of their Harry Potter details are going to have me giddy with excitement!